About Suburban Realty:

Suburban Realty was started in 1973 by William and Patricia Varnell. They later opened a branch office in Girdwood with their son, Randy, to manage condominium associations at the Alyeska Resort. When William and Patricia retired, the Girdwood branch was sold and now operates as Girdwood Realty. The Varnell's grandson, Graham, became the Broker and Owner of Suburban Realty in 2004. Suburban Realty is a full service real estate company, specializing in property management. Suburban Realty is a member of the Anchorage MLS.

About Graham Varnell:

Graham, the owner and broker of Suburban Realty is a family-man and life-long Alaskan. He was born in Anchorage and raised in the towns of Girdwood and Seward. Graham graduated with a BA in Communication from Southern Oregon University in 1999. He moved to Anchorage, Alaska in 2001 where he began his work in real estate and property management. Graham married Carrie Grimm, another born and raised Alaskan, in January 2004. Graham and Carrie are blessed with three beautiful children; Esther, Micah, and Josiah. They are very involved in both their church and their children’s school, and split much of their spare time between the outdoors and their daughter’s dance studio. They love to hike, bike, ski, camp, read, and play family games.